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Catalyst is proud to present our newest section: Discoveries! This is our blog containing articles that that integrate science with other fields of study, such as the humanities, arts, and history.

Guest Submissions

Interested in writing an article about science for Catalyst Discoveries? We’d love to have you! Email Rohan Shah (rms6@rice.edu) your article, and we will have it edited and posted within the next week! Simply follow the submission guidelines below.

Submission Rules for Writers

  1. The blogs represent a form of professional writing; accordingly, the content should be original and written in an elaborative, sophisticated manner. More explicitly, do not use any jargon or informal “slang”.
  2. Articles should be between 200 and 350 words.
  3. Articles should have at least 2 references. All references should be hyperlinked into the text. For examples, see the format of the final blog articles.
  4. Submit at least one image with every article as well as a link to the source.
  5. Each article should be submitted with a title that will be posted.
  6. For a sample of the kinds of articles we’re looking for, take a look at Amol Utrankar’s article on the genetics behind Occupy Wall Street.

Important Note: If the article does not meet Catalyst standards, it will have to be re-written. If the blogger continues to write poorly, they may be dismissed from their position.

Editing Guidelines

Editors are expected to edit for grammar and content, but not rewrite the article; rather, they should elucidate the ideas and make them clear/concise. For resources, see our For Editors section. If the editors are not happy with the article given, contact Rohan Shah (rms6@rice.edu).