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We are a peer-edited, faculty-reviewed publication dedicated to fostering discussion of the sciences at Rice University. We strive to provide an avenue for students passionate about science to present their own research or express their views on scientific topics.

Recent News

  • Register for the inaugural National Collegiate Research Conference at Harvard, hosted by the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association. NCRC is here to give all undergraduates a greater platform to their your work. All registrants are given space to present a poster as well as the opportunity to publish an abstract in The Proceedings of NCRC. Practice your presentation skills in the context of an academic conference. For those of you who have submitted to Catalyst, this is an excellent opportunity to present your work at Harvard to students from around the nation. For more information, please visit www.hcura.org.
  • Catalyst is proud to present our newest section: Discoveries! This is our blog containing articles that that integrate science with other fields of study, such as the humanities, arts, and history.
  • Catalyst has gotten approval to host a new event:  TEDxYouth@RiceU! This will be the second TEDx event at Rice. Our event coordinator Rahul Rekhi will be in charge of organizing this event this year.
  • Volume 4 of Catalyst has been published!

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